Ziqi Wang

I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, advised by Prof. Heng Ji, working on natural language processing.

I spent two summers at Google as a Software Engineering Intern with Dr. Crick Wu and Dr. Le Hou. Prior to my Ph.D. study, I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at Tsinghua University, where I was fortunate to work with Prof. Zhiyuan Liu, Prof. Xiaolin Hu, Prof. Minlie Huang, and Prof. Xiang Ren at the University of Southern California.

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My research goal is to use AI to automate research, therefore helping humans understand the universe. At the current stage, I am interested in (1) enabling AI to continually learn novel knowledge to self-improve in a data-sufficient or data-efficient regime, and (2) make AI proactively observe, interact, and then acquire novel knowledge from the environment (physical world, internet, humans, other agents) signals.

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Enabling Language Models to Implicitly Learn Self-Improvement From Data
Ziqi Wang, Le Hou, Tianjian Lu, Yuexin Wu, Yunxuan Li, Hongkun Yu, Heng Ji
ICLR, 2024  
Paper / Slides / Twitter

A framework that learns self-improvement from preference data that aligns better human intention.

Augmentation with Projection: Towards an Effective and Efficient Data Augmentation Paradigm for Distillation
Ziqi Wang, Yuexin Wu, Frederick Liu, Daogao Liu, Le Hou, Hongkun Yu, Jing Li, Heng Ji
ICLR, 2023  
Paper / Slides / Talk Recording / Poster

We propose a simple data augmentation method that benefit knowledge distillation in a data-efficient regime.

Recognizing Object by Components With Human Prior Knowledge Enhances Adversarial Robustness of Deep Neural Networks
Xiao Li*, Ziqi Wang*, Bo Zhang, Fuchun Sun, Xiaolin Hu
TPAMI, 2023  
Paper / Code

We reveal that human prior knowledge can serve as an important component to improve vision robustness to attacks.

CLEVE: Contrastive Pre-training for Event Extraction
Ziqi Wang*, Xiaozhi Wang*, Xu Han, Yankai Lin, Lei Hou, Zhiyuan Liu, Peng Li, Juanzi Li, Jie Zhou
ACL, 2021  
Paper / Slides / Talk Recording / Code

We show that event-oriented contrastive pre-training can enhance event representations and understanding.

Learning from Explanations with Neural Execution Tree
Ziqi Wang*, Yujia Qin*, Wenxuan Zhou, Jun Yan, Qinyuan Ye, Leonardo Neves, Zhiyuan Liu, Xiang Ren
ICLR, 2020  
Paper / Project Website / Slides / Talk Recording / Code

We propose to use human explanations to build neuro-symbolic networks. The networks can then label pseudo labels to improve semi-supervised training.

NERO: A Neural Rule Grounding Framework for Label-Efficient Relation Extraction
Wenxuan Zhou, Hongtao Lin, Yuchen Lin, Ziqi Wang, Junyi Du, Leonardo Neves, Xiang Ren
WWW, 2020   (Best Paper Runner-Up, 2/1500+)
Paper / Code

We propose to use neural rules to ground data-efficient learning in relation extraction.

HMEAE: Hierarchical Modular Event Argument Extraction
Xiaozhi Wang*, Ziqi Wang*, Xu Han, Zhiyuan Liu, Juanzi Li, Peng Li, Maosong Sun, Jie Zhou, Xiang Ren
EMNLP-IJCNLP, 2019   (Oral Presentation)
Paper / Slides / Talk Recording / Code

We use human prior knowledge to make models aware of the semantic relations between labels and thus perform better in the event argument extraction task.


University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Ph.D. in Computer Science, 2021-

Advisor: Prof. Heng Ji
Tsinghua University
B.E. in Computer Science, 2016-2021

Advisor: Prof. Zhiyuan Liu, Prof. Xiaolin Hu, and Prof. Minlie Huang


Reviewer: ACL/ARR 2024 Feb, NAACL/ARR 2023 Dec, ICML 2024, ICLR 2024, NeurIPS 2023, ACL 2023 Demo, Pattern Recognition


Enabling Language Models to Implicitly Learn Self-Improvement From Data. Objective, Inc., 2023. [Slides]


In addition to my research work, I find pleasure in coding. I develop websites, applications, and other software programs. Although some of my previous projects have been lost over time, I have managed to archive several of them.
COVID-19 Claim Radar: A Structured Claim Extraction and Tracking System

Built with Go and Vue.js.

Demo / Code

A web interface that shows claims about COVID-19 crawled from the Internet. The system details can be found in this paper, which is accepted at ACL 2022 (System Demonstration), and the implementation.

SmartBook: AI-Assisted Situation Report Generation

Built with Vue.js.

Demo / Code

A web interface that shows situation reports generated by AI. The system details can be found in this paper and the implementation.


I am interested in astronomy in my spare time. Repairment and DIY are also my favorite since they help me understand the bottom mechanism. I am a big fan of John Carmack and Elon Musk.

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